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About Luis Scheicher


The antiquity shop in Dirnbach was founded by Alois Scheicher more than 25 years ago. Over the years the junk dealer turned to an antique dealer and interior decorator. In a workshop his brother restores with craft skills beautiful old furniture or produces new furniture made of old wood.

In addition to oil paintings and Biedermeier chairs, custom-built restaurant furniture or the basic materials for a house in a traditional style, Luis Scheicher also offers old Styrian furniture that often sets out on a journey to Italy, England or the USA. So a Styrian parlour made of old material found its way to the Netherlands, a heavy door went to Switzerland and a dining room to Germany for example. Because of this supraregional demand it is possible to make Styria known in many different places. Luis Scheicher especially appreciates that every old piece is a small component of the past that finds its place in the future and makes the heart of the viewer swell.




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